Niles Flores Interview

Nile FloresNile Flores is a sassy Southern Illinois mom who is also a WordPress designer and developer. She’s been helping the WordPress community for years… like since it’s beginning. Nile runs and All About WordPress. Niles is speaking on Why You Should Be Blogging at WordCamp Minneapolis.

What got you into working with WordPress?

I got into WordPress because it was being forked from b2 cafelog. I enjoyed using b2 cafelog, and the community back then was awesome. It was just a natural choice to make the change to a project that was going to keep continuing to be developed. 🙂

What do you like best about WordPress?

This is a tough question because I’ve come to love many parts about WordPress, whether it be a particular functionality or the community around it. In trying not to be difficult, I think I’ll answer this from the functionality. I love that I can add functions and filters for anything I want WordPress to do.

What WordPress project has been your favorite?

I love all my client projects, but I’ve enjoyed pushing the bar with my own website, It’s never perfect, and it represents the truth about the “cobbler’s children has no shoes”, but it’s mine and it’s been around for years… in fact, 9 this year!

What’s your WordPress design preference?
○ Starter Theme   ○ Free Theme   ○ Premium Theme   ○ Framework   ○ Other


What would we not guess about you outside of WordCamp?

I normally answer that I practice traditional Okinawan karate, but one thing people don’t know is that I am an anime fan. Yes, I love anime! My youngest sister (she’s 30) and I have amassed an impressive collection of anime and manga throughout the years. You name it, and probably 60% of the answers would be that we may just have it.

What do you like about WordCamps?

I could list a ton of things I like about WordCamps, but I’ll keep it brief, unlike my blog posts. (lol)

WordCamps are extremely fun. It’s a time to rub elbows and talk shop to people you don’t normally get a chance. You also get to meet people face-to-face that you see online everyday. It’s a time for learning.

I’ve been to so many WordCamps, and each one is great because they are different and depends on the needs of it’s own local community.